Day 6 - gwvault


Submitted a PR today to an open source project, gwvault created by my colleague Derek Smith who I’ve thanked before in this blog for the excellent feedback and design sense he is always willing to share.

It was my first PR to a Go project (other than my own systips) and this point I’m willing to say I’m sold on Go as an awesome language. It’s been absolutely painless every step of the way, with the brief exception of figuring out how to write unit tests, and in a short span of time I’ve been able to write and try out a number of different little utilities and language capabilities. One feature in a language I generally have no interest in is the subjective sense of “readability”, which in my experience is, for some reason, in the same sentence as the word “Python” quite often. That said, considering how many different Go projects I’ve read through over the last week and how straightforward it was to jump into a project whose code I had never read before and open a PR within an hour, I’ve gotta say, Go is pretty damn readable.