Day 3 - systips

Technically day 4 because I refuse to not be extremely lazy at least one day a week but who’s counting. Plus I finally bought my first PC and I am having a blast playing all the games I’ve pined for while bitterly looking at my beautiful Macbook Pro (hello Divinity 2).

Today I tackled another item off my Things I Want to Do list: systips. I’ve always enjoyed fun shell utilities like fortune and cowsay and thought it would be fun to learn Golang by writing a similar tool that printed out useful bits of bash and linux related knowledge every time I open a new shell window.

It’s my first time touching Golang and I found it exceedingly easy to install and get a basic working version of my tool up and running in less than an hour. Next up, possibly today, I’d like to learn how to deploy the binary to be installed through Homebrew and writing a few unit tests.

Big thanks to my friends Julian and Derek for help with Golang and design questions.