Day ...oops

Not gonna make any excuses. Except for the fact that it was the holidays and I’ve been traveling nonstop. Thats not an excuse its more of a jusitification - big diff. Anyway TIL two things Thing 1 The difference between apt and apt-get Thing 2 array.length is not only writable but will truncate the array if you set the length to be shorter than the current length. let myarr = [1,2,3,4,5] # undefined myarr #[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ] myarr.

Day 9 - screeps, npm + python = ugh

Screeps! Every couple months I’ll pick up the game [screeps]() and have an absolute ton of fun programming and writing some [really crazy code]() that I’d never use in a production setting. It’s always a ton of fun to dive into old code, have those a-ha moments when I remember what I was doing, then trashing the whole thing and refactoring it into a beautiful new monster. NPM errors because of python?

Day 8 - New Theme

Simple little change today, deployed a new theme that looks way better but I had to fork and add some html to accommodate the page structure I wanted. It’s responsive at least, which I suppose I was overly optimistic in expecting any cms tool to be in 2018. Been pretty hard to stick to one post a day, I chose a bad time to start doing this considering the most senior member of our team is leaving, making me the new “go to” guy.

Day 6 - gwvault

gwvault Submitted a PR today to an open source project, gwvault created by my colleague Derek Smith who I’ve thanked before in this blog for the excellent feedback and design sense he is always willing to share. It was my first PR to a Go project (other than my own systips) and this point I’m willing to say I’m sold on Go as an awesome language. It’s been absolutely painless every step of the way, with the brief exception of figuring out how to write unit tests, and in a short span of time I’ve been able to write and try out a number of different little utilities and language capabilities.

Day 5 - Mentorship

Developer Hopefuls I’m not particularly passionate about teaching, the necessary aspect of coaxing an “unwilling” group of students or single student to learn something they don’t care about (and often I sympathize). On the other hand, I love mentoring developer hopefuls whether they have zero experience and are eager to break into a financially rewarding field or they’re a junior engineer eager to get more tools in their toolbelt.

Day 4 - Golang testing

It was inevitable that the high of yesterday’s ease in getting running with Golang would come crashing down at some point. The crash came as soon as I got completely lost trying to understand how to write a stupid little test to cover what little logic there is so far in my little systips project. Ended up getting it working but I still am not 100% certain how and why.

Day 3 - systips

Technically day 4 because I refuse to not be extremely lazy at least one day a week but who’s counting. Plus I finally bought my first PC and I am having a blast playing all the games I’ve pined for while bitterly looking at my beautiful Macbook Pro (hello Divinity 2). Today I tackled another item off my Things I Want to Do list: systips. I’ve always enjoyed fun shell utilities like fortune and cowsay and thought it would be fun to learn Golang by writing a similar tool that printed out useful bits of bash and linux related knowledge every time I open a new shell window.

Day 2 - sshrc

While toying around with setting up docker-airflow I finally got fed up enough with the hassle of typing alias ll='lha' every single time I logged into a new server that I got around to ticking off one of the items in my Things I Want to Do list and installed sshrc! I waited way too long to set that up. Immediately works out of the box with brew install sshrc then filling in whatever you want executed upon login in a ~/.

100 Days of Code/Commitment Issues

Listened to The Airflow Podcast, and two from Coding Blocks: Docker for Developers and How to Learn Programming Skills today. From the latter I learned about the 100 days of code fad, and so here I am, hoping that maybe gamifying the process might get me to finally commit to writing a semi-consistent blog. Not sure yet how to, or even if I ought to, constrain the content, but whatever it is I’m just shooting to have enough content to make a couple bucks off some unscrupulous ad exchange suppliers (for research purposes).